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This fascinating casino game is based on the same Rock - Paper - Scissors game we played as kids. The basic rules are the same:

  • Rock breaks Scissors
  • Scissors cut Paper
  • Paper covers Rock
  • Matching throws make a tie
  • Best of three throws

You get three cards in your hand to play against the dealer's three cards, and you can arrange your cards in any order you choose. You are betting that your hand will win at least two out of three throws against the dealer.

You can play from one to three hands per game. The Ante is required, plus you have the option to bet on each individual throw.

To Play:

  • Ante up. Place a hand wager in the Ante spot for each hand you want to play. Left-click to place a chip, right-click to remove it.

  • Click Deal to draw 3 cards face-up to each of your hands and 3 cards face-down to Dealer's hand.

  • Arrange your hands. You may arrange the cards within each hand. (Cards may not be exchanged between hands).

  • Bet your cards. For each individual throw, you may wager up to the amount of the Ante. Click on the Bet spot below a card to bet on that throw.

  • Click Play to start the action:

    • Dealer will turn over first card and match against first card of each hand in play. A winning card pays 1 to 1 on the Bet. Bet is pushed on a tie.

    • Dealer repeats for the 2nd and 3rd cards.

    • Hands are paid for best-of-3 throws:

      • Win 2 out of 3 cards, Ante wager is paid 2 to 1.
      • Win 3 out of 3 with mixed cards, Ante wager is paid 5 to 1.
      • Win 3 out of 3 with 3-of-a-Kind, Ante wager is paid 10 to 1.

Results Panel: Displays the dealer's throws in the order played, with most recent results at bottom.

Roshambo Rules Gamerules

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